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MindScape brings algorithmic organic technology systems to the private and government sectors for increased executive function capabilities, stress management, creativity, athleticism, and elevating the spirit of joy and celebration amongst our treasured collegial and familial relationships.

Executive Enhancement & Corporate Wellness

High-performance individuals are drawn to high-performance organizations.


These executives push themselves to their limits for the benefit of their organization, leveraging their performance with R&R, proper diet, exercise, and usually plenty of caffeine. Unfortunately, in their pursuit of performance, pharmaceutical abuse has become commonplace at the highest levels of society and industry, negatively affecting the health of the world's best and brightest. Enter Mindscape Executive Enhancement Therapies.

MindScape bio-based therapies were developed from thousands of patient experiences and decades of global research. MindScape Medical Director Dr. Brian Nichol, an anesthesiologist by training, saw the damages of substance abuse with his patients and endeavored to find plant-based, natural solutions to pain and stress management. Fast-forward to the present, the MindScape system is a 100% natural, drug-free alternative to stress management and executive performance, helping hundreds of individuals attain their goals while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Today, corporations and government entities help protect their most treasured assets through the implementation of corporate wellness initiatives. The MindScape Wellness System is the only wellness initiative based on the health modality of Forest Medicine, providing holistic, drug-free productivity enhancement.


MindScape New York City Boardroom where a MindScape Executive enhancement system is used

Space Deployment Treatment

MindScape EE Systems placed within high-value spaces are an efficient way to heighten think-tank objectives.

MindScape executive enhancement - employee wellness treatment with our withour VR headsets

Personal Treatments

Using the MindsScape Flower attachment, personally administered treatments can be deployed within wellness spaces in as little as 5 minutes.

Executive Enhancement Therapy in VR -Virtual Reality with MindScape organic enhancement systems

Personal VR Treatments

MindScape Systems enable both iPad and VR interface experiences, such as Virtual Travel and other VR based journeys.

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