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MindScape Technologies Unveils a Revolutionary Digital Cannabis Experience Technology 

Imagine streaming media platforms such as Netflix delivering an invisible airstream that modulates your head-space "cannabis-style," and you’ll understand what a MindScape Digital Cannabis Media System can do - but it goes beyond movies - it also works with the web, VR, and Metaverse, dispensary, and wellness applications. 

MindScape Digital Cannabis Media Systems present a groundbreaking integration of 21st-century bio-isolate technology with the sprawling digital universe, offering a transformative way to experience cannabis in the internet, metaverse, smartphone, and VR domains through a cold-nebulized airstream of natural plant cannabinoids, terpenes, and essences. This sophisticated system curates targeted HeadSpace effects, free from smoke and vape clouds.

In public spaces, MindScape Celebration Systems open a new world of possibilities for smoke-free lounges, eateries, spas, medical clinics, and forward-thinking corporate wellness initiatives, aligning productivity with performance enhancement in a refreshingly novel manner. 


MindScape adeptly navigates through the regulatory tapestry by accommodating the legal frameworks of varied state and country jurisdictions. When situated in locales where Hemp-derived THC is permissible, the systems transform into a “Digital Cannabis Plant,” without releasing smoke or vape emissions, thus ensuring adherence to public venue protocols. The illustrious Mindscape Celebration 420 Systems embody this transformative experience.


Unveiling the enigma of how non-THC MindScape Systems mimic cannabis-like HeadSpace effects without THC, the answer lies in the synergistic interplay of multiple proprietary technologies embedded within the device. Tailoring to regional laws, MindScape can be customized to any business venue, enriching and entertaining communities responsibly and innovatively.


Cannabis cultivators can harness this breakthrough technology by emitting their own cultivars from the system, launching a new public offering, while sidestepping indoor smoking and vaping consumption restrictions, unlocking a new frontier in the cannabis industry.

MindScape Digital Cannabis Media system
VR connected MindScape with Bio-Media airstream coming from chest mounted airstream appliance
Group use watching MindScape connected Videos and Movies with Bio-Media release from hand-held appliance
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